Single Vehicles Cars

Single Vehicles Cars

Boomerang vehicle GPS trackers protect your high-value vehicles so that you recover them back quickly should they be stolen.

Our fully trained and employed technicians have OEM training and years of experience in automotive-electrical wiring.

We dismantle vehicles in a minimally invasive method to ensure that it is impossible to tell we were ever there.

We also sell non-wired trackers 2 of which are shown below. Thieves hate these as they are untraceable. For more information on what this means view this article on GPS Tracking technologies.

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BT is a rugged, self-powered GPS security tracker for tracking and protecting assets globally. View ..
€399 Ex Tax: €324
The Boomerang Pro Tracker employs a combination of eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology to provide..
€399 Ex Tax: €324
The Boomerang "wired" GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking vehicles, boats, motorcycles, plan..
€199 Ex Tax: €162