Easily find GPS Coordinates for any address for your Sat Nav.

You are going on holidays and you want to avoid getting lost like last time. You go to put the address of your holiday destination in to your Satellite Navigation system but it cannot find the address.

This problem can occur if you have an old Sat Nav and you have not been getting Map updates. This is not uncommon as updates can be quite expensive.

If you have ever had problems finding an address in your Sat Nav then there is another option that you can use.

Google maps are regularly updated so by putting the address that you are trying to find in to Google maps you will be given the physical address and Coordinates. You can then input these Coordinates in to your Sat Nav and away you go!

Follow the 3 steps as follows:

1. Open the Google Maps website and enter the address details in the search box. For Example to find the address of boomerangtracker in Riverstown, Cork, Ireland you input that in to the box as shown and then click search.


2. Using your mouse right click on the red positioning pinpoint image with the letter A until a drop-down menu appears. 


The drop-down menu contains this list:

directions from here,


directions to here,


zoom in,


zoom out,


center map here,


whats here,


report a problem.





3. From the drop-down list select 'whats here'. A window will open at the bottom of your screen with the address details plus the co-ordinates.

Click on the co-ordinates and they will appear in the Google search box at the top where you can now copy them.

Now take these Coordinates and input them in to your Sat Nav and it will now show your destination location on your Map using the GPS Coordinates that you entered.


It is an advantage to be able to input the GPS Coordinates in to your Sat Nav but be aware that If your Sat Nav maps

are out of date your Sat Nav will not be able to show you the correct turns on each road as you come closer to your destination.

For example you could be in the middle of a field according to the picture on the map! That is okay as long as you are aware of this. The Sat Nav will still guide you in the right direction.



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