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New Boomerang GPS Lock
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The GPS lock is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alerts and tracking from anywhere to anywhere. It uses GPS technology to pinpoint exact location and is ideal for remote sites and cargo on the move.

Features Include:

  • Ideal for protection of remote or hard to-access infrastructures- such as mobile phone masts, electricity transmission towers and CCTV cameras. Sends alert to your cell phone in the event of tampering.
  • Protect your freight containers-The GPS lock tracks its location and sends an alert if there has been a deviation from a pre-set route or time schedule. It is ideal for companies looking to protect their goods in transit or can be used for insurance purposes.

  • Lock gates in remote locations. Send periodic reports automatically by the system, thereby eliminating the need for onsite inspection of the padlock. Track the exact opening and closing times- for management purposes. Receive alerts in the event of tampering with the lock.

  • Track your asset via an App on your smart phone:

  • Geo Fencing function: Alerts you if your GPS lock moves outside an area you define.

  • Shock Sensor –Alerts you if your asset is tampered with: The Shock Sensor sensitivity can be varied to suit your needs.