Track Valuable cargo using the Boomerang GPS Lock

Boomerang GPS Lock Applications


Boomerangs GPS Lock can be used in a wide range of applications for the protection of devices and property, without the need for any special preparation, wiring or installation. Its cellular communication abilities, along with its embedded GPS technology make it ideal for remote locations or for use with transporting goods and valuable equipment. With it, you’ll have a location indication of your secured items, according to your needs.




This application can track high-value cargo throughout its transport cycle, while alerting you to predefined events that warrant your attention. Boomerangs GPS Lock will monitor your vehicle, truck, van or container, as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or the transportation method.


 Remote Locations


Remote Locations require the security of unmanned locations to prevent theft or damage. The GPS Lock lends itself uniquely to this application as it allows you to reach, monitor and provide security for your most remote assets. An ideal solution for those hard-to- reach locations such as water lines, high antennas and surveillance cameras, where the  physical inspections of locks is both labor and time  intensive.


Security Companies


The top requirement for security is control and continuous    coverage.    The GPS Lock is designed  to provide day and night safeguarding of your assets, while keeping you informed - no matter where you or the assets are, delivering an added level of security to your business.


 Customs Operations


The security of customs operations can be  complex and challenging due to risk of tampering, while en route and during the inspection cycle. Based on the knowledge that your lock will remain closed, Boomerangs GPS Lock will assist in speeding-up the clearance of your goods and allow the examination process to run  smoothly.


Commercial & Retail


The movement and storage of your materials and inventory should be key priority. Incorporate the GPS Lock into your supply-chain strategy to better manage the flow of your goods from border to border and to make certain that they have not been accessed. The GPS Lock can be regarded as your gatekeeper from point of origin and until delivery to the consumer.