Infidelity: Trust & Doubt

At Boomerang Tracker, we have dealt with many clients who have had doubts about their partner's faithfulness.

Infidelity, cheating, affairs, call them what you will, they cause huge stress and anxiety that supersede almost all other emotions in life.

Doubt, however, can actually create an environment which promotes the desire to cheat. We've seen this before...

When the habits of a partner change -they come home late from work repeatedly, have short tempers etc. it can cause us to wonder why?

Men, in particular, are quite poor on the whole at discussing their problems and are enclined to brush-off queries as to their behaviour from their wife, girlfriend or partner. So, their odd behaviour goes unexplained and their "other-half" is left worrying about them. This leaves the door open for doubt which invariably leads to more questions, then arguments. This paves the way for infidelity.

You see, behaviour that is consistent with cheating can be caused by other factors such as work pressure, deadlines, confidential business meetings and even gambling. These stressors are bad enough, but if a concerned partner starts to constantly ask questions, the stress builds...

This can create an optimum environment for escapism, where a person just wants to get away from their 'normal life' for a while and if opportunity knocks, as it were, this stressed-out partner is liable to cheat on their loved-one. So, a situation that may have been easily explained and solvable turns into one where a good relationship might fail.

Our advice in all cases involving private and personal matters, is to:

  • * Behave normally
  • * Try to maintain a pleasant demeanor
  • * Don't question unusual behaviour (unless it would be strange for you not to do so) 

The points above will do three things:

  1. 1. Remove 'obvious' stress from the relationship
  2. 2. Help to lower the guard of your partner
  3. 3. Makes them easier to catch (if they are cheating)

Using a Boomerang Tracker will help you figure out what it is that's going on in your partner's life.

You can simply, easily & privately know their every move and  where they are at any time. You can do all this by using your own mobile phone App -you won't need a computer or any other fancy equipment.

The Boomerang GPS Asset Tracker is a discreet 'black-box',  that will show you where your stuff is at anytime. Just attach it using the integrated magnetic base to say, a car, and track it from your mobile phone. You can even set it to alert you when the car starts moving...

Don't let doubt destroy your relationship: Verify now and be certain...