Financial costs of agricultural crime is an unacceptable burden

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ICSA president Patrick Kent has recently said that, “The financial costs of agricultural crime is an unacceptable burden and one that cannot be written off as part and parcel of life in rural Ireland.” Mr Kent was speaking following the publication of the second tranche of ICSA’s Agricultural Crime Survey undertaken with Waterford Institute of Technology. The focus of this tranche is the Financial Costs of Agricultural Crime in Ireland.


He also said  that “We now have proof that agricultural crime is hitting farmers’ pockets at a time when most are struggling to make ends meet at all. Theft, vandalism and fly-tipping all have serious cost implications for farmers, as do increased insurance premiums when farmers have to make a claim. The report is hugely important as determining the costs of agricultural crime provides the justification for spending scarce resources on tackling the issue.”


Other results from the survey showed that many farmers were reluctant to report thefts because of the likelihood of rising insurance premiums. Shockingly it found that farmers would prefer to take a financial hit of €1,771 rather than report the incident.



Also commenting on the survey findings ICSA rural development chairman Seamus Sherlock said “As well as the financial cost, there is also the unseen cost of fear and stress caused when your home or farm has been targeted by criminals. We are witnessing the whole fabric of rural society being decimated with farmers feeling more and more isolated and side-lined. Nobody should have to live in a state of constant fear and anxiety”.


Can a Boomerang Tracker help protect a farmers assets? In our experience farmers don’t want to pay for a tracker which includes a monthly cost unless it’s a high value asset. So buying a tracker for a  trailers is not something a farmer is likely to do. Farmers however do have some high value assets like tractors that they would consider getting a tracker for. Another tactic is to pick one item to protect. If the thieves come they will likely take all the assets so you only need to track one item to get them all back.

What about farm animals though? Well no one is likely to put a tracker around a sheep’s neck! They could however protect the field that they are grazing in by putting a Boomerang GPS lock on the gate. This alerts you if anyone tampers with the gate of the field that the livestock are in.   

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