Halo Security Ltd launches the Boomerang Tracker online!

Halo Security Ltd launches the Boomerang Tracker online!

Well, it's finally here, the much anticipated launch of Halo's Boomerang Trackers to a global audience via our eCommerce site.

We had a huge challenge in taking our B2B model, where we deal primarliy with professionally trained engineers and I.T experts, and converting it to address the needs of Consumers and buyers who aren't professionally trained in GPS tracking technology.

Presenting a complex technology solution to customers who don't fully understand what they're looking for is not an easy task. Few people know what questions to ask of their GPS Tracking vendor. Fewer still can tell the difference between GPS & GPRS or know the pros & cons of accelerometer-based detection versus Geo-Fencing!

Knowing the right questions to ask in making the correct purchasing decision is vital. That is why we've compiled a good explanatory features page combined with an ever expanding FAQ in ordinary and (hopefully) technobabble-free language on the product page!

We're looking forward to reaching out to customers across the globe and helping them leverage our technical resources to get a professional solution to their needs everytime. 

Can I just add a big "Thank You" to all the families & friends of our Staff -who have patiently suffered through the long hours with us... I am very happy to tell you all it's done and we couldn't have done it without you!


Greg McGarry

Managing Director