Marina GPS Tracking System

Marina GPS Tracking System
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What range or coverage will I get?

Where does the data collected from the Master Tracker go?

How many tags can talk to the Master Tracker?

How long will a tags battery last?

Is the Boomerang Master Tracking System monitored?

The Boomerang Master Tracker Network provides real-time  monitoring of all protected Marina assets, eliminating many losses and protecting profits.
Track and helps to recover stolen boats, engines in the event of theft.
Increase access visibility from sea and land.
Remotely monitor bilge pumps and gas failures on behalf of your members.
Monitor unauthorised access or unwanted visitors on boats and yachts.
Increase overall sense of security for your members.
Reduce insurance premiums
Harbour master has 24 hr complete asset viability and will recieve notifications for any event ocurring.
Worldwide asset recovery.