Marine-Engine-Theft including stolen outboard engines.

Numerous marine enthusiasts in Ireland and from around the World have been enquiring about our Marine Asset Tracking Solutions and are increasingly reporting the theft of outboard engines and other Marine Assets.

It seems that thieves are going to great lengths to effect the theft of outboard motors. Theft from boats that are on trailers is one thing but increasingly brazen thieves are actually removing boats and engines from their moorings, sometimes, even in broad daylight using lifting equipment!

Stolen outboard engines command a high price and often exceed €10,000 /$13, 500 in value. Small craft owners are aware that an outboard engine is often the single most expensive item on a boat and are concerned about the security of this asset.

With the credit-crunch causing widespread economic pressures and job losses it is likely there will be more thefts of soft target, high value assets such as Outboard Engines. It’s not uncommon to have a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) parked in a driveway or easily accessible yard or caravan park, where theft may be effected in little or no time. Outboard engines are typically secured to the stern of the boat using bolts which maybe removed with the right know how.

Even more startling is the fact that thieves are are prepared to do whatever it takes to get that engine… we’ve had reports of some cutting through the boat stern hull to remove an engine while seriously damaging the boat in the process. This results in severe boat damage or a total loss on top of the theft of the engine.

And this all feeds into insurance claims and ultimately higher boat insurance premiums for everyone. It won’t take long for that to happen!

boomerangtracker offers a marine asset tracking solution, which is mounted covertly on the boat or outboard engine. It is effectively invisible to a would be thief. It sends  information about the boat or engine’s whereabouts to your mobile phone.