Boomerang Tracker Applications


What can you do with a GPS boomerangtracker?GPS tracking can be used for personal use, professional, or a simple solution for keeping on eye on the people that matter to you. A GPS tracker can help to reduce stress in your life. Worried about a loved one driving too fast or driving in to areas that they should not? A GPS Tracker will help you know what is going on so you can protect those loved ones. It also has a lot of uses which some of I have listed here.1. Track the people that matter. Worried that your son or daughther are keeping a secret and putting themselves in danger. Use a..
Numerous marine enthusiasts in Ireland and from around the World have been enquiring about our Marine Asset Tracking Solutions and are increasingly reporting the theft of outboard engines and other Marine Assets.It seems that thieves are going to great lengths to effect the theft of outboard motors. Theft from boats that are on trailers is one thing but increasingly brazen thieves are actually removing boats and engines from their moorings, sometimes, even in broad daylight using lifting equipment!Stolen outboard engines command a high price and often exceed €10,000 /$13, 500 in v..
At Boomerang Tracker, we have dealt with many clients who have had doubts about their partner's faithfulness.Infidelity, cheating, affairs, call them what you will, they cause huge stress and anxiety that supersede almost all other emotions in life.Doubt, however, can actually create an environment which promotes the desire to cheat. We've seen this before...When the habits of a partner change -they come home late from work repeatedly, have short tempers etc. it can cause us to wonder why?Men, in particular, are quite poor on the whole at discussing their problems and a..
As the number of boats continues to increase on our waters, the number of boat thieves rises as well. Marine theft usually involves relatively unskilled amateurs who strike when they find any easy opportunity. Keep in mind three factors that discourage thieves everywhere – time, noise, and visibility. In considering the security of your boat, try to think like a criminal. What factors about your boat would make it an easy target for a thief? We can defend ourselves against boat theft by becoming security conscious and by practicing the following crime prevention measures.CRIME PREVEN..