Boomerang Container Tracker

Boomerang Container Tracker
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BT-C: The Self-powered ‘ISO’ Shipping Container Security-Tracker

  • Track your ISO Container Fleet Globally*
  • Get Alerts on your Smartphone
  • Fully self-powered
  • Instant ‘zero-tool’ installation
  • Minimise losses
  • Reduce Insurance risk
  • Keep clients updated

BT-C is a rugged, self-powered security tracker for ISO Shipping Containers. View the live location of your Container Fleet and receive notifications immediately if your goods are tampered with or other exceptional conditions occur. BT-C provides real-time alerts and updates about your valuable cargo across vital metrics such as:

  • Open / Close of Container
  • Location
  • Impact
  • Presence of light


Small in size, the BT-C is designed especially for ISO Containers enabling critical hardware to be in the ‘protected area’, within the container, leaving just the antennae-set outside. Designed for rapid, ‘zero-tool’ deployment, the BT-C boasts long battery life and is rechargeable.


Updates & reports are provided via native Smartphone & Tablet Apps, and via PC.


*BT-C ‘3G’ requires cellular coverage. Oceanic positions require add on which adds Satellite Communications.