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Plant Machinery & Construction

There are 2 types of trackers. One is wired in to the vehicle and the other is standalone with its own battery source.

Our Boomerang Wired Tracker is wired in to a vehicle.This means that you can get more updated positions per day without having concerns about battery life.

The non-wired trackers like the Boomerang Pro and the standard Boomerang Tracker have their own battery source so can be moved from vehicle to vehicle but it makes sense to only get positions just 1-3 times per day to conserve battery life.

View our Tracker comparison table  to compare further.

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BT is a rugged, self-powered GPS security tracker for tracking and protecting assets globally. View ..
€399 Ex Tax: €324
The Boomerang Pro Tracker employs a combination of eNCell, GPS and RFID beacon technology to provide..
€399 Ex Tax: €324
The Boomerang "wired" GPS Tracker is ideal for tracking vehicles, boats, motorcycles, plan..
€199 Ex Tax: €162